How To Compare Metal Detectors

To find a reliable and easy to use metal detector, you’re going to want to read what the reviews have said about them. Here you can get an idea of which detector will meet your needs the most. Just give this advice a try and you’ll be out there hunting for treasure in no time!

The people at Garrett have created a great metal detector for those that are getting started or experts alike named the Ace 350. This great unit comes with an instructional DVD and is very lightweight making it easy to use for long periods of time. Best metal detectors

Often touted in reviews as a great detector due to its versatility and awesome precision. One reviewer commented on the fact that there were two coins on top of each other which the detector picked up on causing him not to miss the coin further down. However, this unit is almost useless in salt water so find another option if that’s your primary hunting ground.

teknetics detectorCheck out the Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector if you’re looking to find an entry level metal detector. It has an easy to read LCD display, and be sure you get 9 volt batteries to go with it since it needs them right out of the box. The detector is simple to assemble and with a quick read through of the instructions you should be able to get an idea of how to get started. Don’t use this unit near power lines as one reviewer states due to it giving false positives across every spectrum.

Fisher is the oldest creator of metal detectors. This means that people have trusted their products enough to keep purchasing them over the years. They make a variety of products, one of the more popular being the F4 model. This is a great entry point for beginners, and features stunningly pinpoint accuracy. It’s up to 89% accurate, and those that have it say it more than pays for itself over the years with what you can find using the machine. It takes a little practice and you need to read the manual to get started, but after that you’ll be finding treasure everywhere you look.

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It’s good to be aware of what your options are, especially if you’re new to the world of metal detectors. Now that you know what some of the reviews have said, you will be set. Put this advice to good use and start hunting today!